Mr. Ashish Kumar Rai is not in representative or associated of HM Digital.

Sub: Caution Letter

It has been brought to our attention that certain unauthorised sellers have been misrepresenting themselves as being associated with our company HM Digital India Private Limited (HM Digital) and selling our products. This is to inform you that one specific individual named Mr. Ashish Kumar Rai, ex-employee of HM and/or his company M/s Swachh Purifier Private Limited and affiliates are not in any way representative or associated companies of HM Digital. This notice is being issued to dispel any confusion regarding the relationship between HM Digital and the aforesaid individual.

It has been brought to our knowledge that Mr. Ashish Kumar Rai through M/s Swachh Purifier Private Limited and its affiliates is unauthorizedly selling HM’s products without its consent to HM’s clients and other third parties. Whilst we have taken adequate steps to ensure that such misconduct is ceased immediately, we urge you to exercise caution in dealing with the aforesaid individual and/or his company and to cease and desist from conducting business involving HM Digital Products with him.

HM Digital is known worldwide for providing finest quality water test instruments and is proud of its reputation in this industry. We have a solid base of good clientele that we cannot compromise on. We value our customers and would take every step to safeguard their rights and interests. Subject to internal investigation, HM Digital reserves the right to take appropriate action against any recipient of this notice knowingly conducting business with the above mentioned individual and/or his company.